Schedule of Events 2020

Thursday June 11, 2020

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM  - Registration       Emmanual Baptist Church

8:00 AM  Golf Registration                   Little Creek Park

9:00 AM   Golf Tee Off                          Little Creek Park


Friday June 12, 2020

9:am - 5:00 PM   Registration              Emmanual Baptist Church


9:30 AM  Bowling                                  Galaxy Lanes

10:00 AM    Singles - Men/Women


                    Mixed Doubles

11:AM          Table Tennis                    North Charleston Recreation Center


6:00 PM  Friday June 12, 2020

Celebration Banquet Emmanuel Baptist Church

Tickets will be at the registration desk

Non-registered guests $10.00 each


Saturday June 13, 2020


8:00 AM    5K Race                                 Shawnee Sports Complex

8:45 AM    10K Bike Race                       Shawnee Sports Complex

8:30 AM    Men's BB Captains meeting    St. Albans High School

9:00 AM    Men's Basketball                      St. Albans High School

9:00 AM    Tennis                                       WV State University

9:00 AM    Archery                                      Shawnee Sports Complex

9:00 AM    Men/Women's Volleyball           Charleston YMCA

9:00 AM    Racquet Ball                                Shepherd University 

9:00 AM  Track & Field                         Laidley Field (UC Stadium)

11:00 AM  Women's BB Captain's Meeting   St. Albans High School

11:30 AM   Women's Basketball                    St. Albans High School

  9:00 AM   Bob Pack Memorial

                   Softball Tournament                    Shawnee Sports Complex


Friday  June 26, 2020

8:00 AM   Registration for Pickleball              Charleston Tennis Club

9:00 AM   Pickleball                                        Charleston Tennis Club


Saturday  June 27, 2020

9:00 Am  Pickleball (Con't)

10:00 AM   Registration and warm- up for swimming   Tri-County YMCA

11:00  AM   Swimming                                     Tri-County YMCA